Are you ready for the next big event? Want to flaunt like a celebrity diva but don’t know what type of gown suits your body type? Whether attending a wedding or formal dinner, a woman always wants to make a grand statement with her dress. 

But with many colorful designs and options, shopping for the perfect party wear gown seems daunting. There are many factors to consider, such as design, fabric, color, and, most important, body type. Sounds challenging? No worries—here are some tips and tricks that help to choose party wear gown. 

Tips to Choose Party Wear Gown for Your Body Type

Some Hottest Party Wear Gown for Different Body Types

Before you move to find out some dresses according to your body type, look at some hottest party wear gown styles to choose from.

  • Column Style Dress

Column-style dresses have slim and sleek long-length designs. This type of dress goes perfectly for all body types. You can choose sequins and beads from dresses to add a glamorous touch. 

  • A-Line Slit Gown

If you want to flatter your figure but something lightweight, then A-line dresses are perfect. The fabric falls nicely below the waistline and gives you an illusion of an alluring hourglass shape. These kinds of dresses are perfect for pear-shaped bodies.

  • Mermaid Style Scuba Fit Dress

Mermaid-style gowns are also known as fishtail dresses that feature flared bottoms and fitted bodices. The dress makes you feel like Cinderella and adds some volume at the bottom with a defined waistline. 

  • Empire Waist Beaded Dress

This dress has a high waistline that perfectly falls below the bust line. The dress usually comes with a cinched waist and a full skirt that creates an elegant silhouette.


Find out What Body Type You Are

Before shopping for a party gown, look closely at the body shape. Go with the outline of the body, and if you’re sure about what type of body you have, measure the bust, shoulders, hips, and waist. With measurement, you know where your body is broad and where it inclines.

Now you know how to measure the body, read below about body types and dresses that suit the body type.

  • Apple Body Type

Women with an apple body type have slimmer thighs and legs. The upper body is wide, and the mid-section is round. Look for dresses that define your waist near mid-region.

Choose a dropping neckline, such as a deep v-neck or sweetheart shape. 

Select some gowns with off-shoulder style to give a broad effect on the shoulder. If you want a gown for a cocktail party, get a slit gown to show off some leg portion.

However, choose a dramatic strapless gown with a volumizing skirt for a formal meeting. The A-line structure will also create some more volume in the body frame. 

For instance, a plated black or navy prom gown with a sparkling belted waist looks flawless on apple’s body type. 

  • Busty Body Type

If you’ve got a bigger bust, flaunt it with a slim fitted gown with a slim waistline. Women with busty body types have narrow hips and bigger chests.

Thus, to create a striking balance between the body looks for gowns that support and highlight your bust and flaunt your lower body. 

The A-line prom dresses with a skirt look graceful on busty body types. This kind of dress also helps to add some proportion and flare to the lower body.

Mermaid prom dresses are another great option highlighting a busty body figure with a small empire bodice.

The fitted style gown has flares and a nipped-in waist. Moreover, you can also shop for skirts that help to slim your legs and waist. It creates an illusion of a flattering and sexy figure.

You can also choose different types of neck, such as plunging and halters. Add maximum curves to the upper body and avoid high necklines.

This might look bustier and doesn’t look eye-catchy. The fitted lace gowns with plunging v-necks are also a great option. 

  • Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass-body women have a narrow waist with broad hips but with equal width. Women with this body style have a symmetrical mid-body and upper-body curve.

The fashion world praises this body style, and if you’re looking for a stunning gown with figure hugging design to show your natural silhouette. 

Moreover, you can look for some body-conscious prom dresses with open backs. It seems to be attention-grabbing and looks fabulous on the hourglass body type.

The high neckline allows showing off your figure seamlessly. But try to avoid oversized gowns that go out of your natural body figure. 

Look for some beautiful gowns that add curves and define the waistline giving it a slimming effect. Choose skirts in flared designs and bodycon style with a long train.

  • Pear Body Type

Pear-body women have narrower shoulders with broad thighs, hips, and bottoms. The body shape can easily flatter, but all you need is a gown with a detailing top and flowing skirt for the lower half of the body.

The pear-shaped body looks more gracious with plunging bodices and a halter neck dress. It also includes styles with some beadwork on the upper half. It helps to divert attention from the lower body toward the upper. 

Gowns in chiffon fabric are perfect for pear-shaped body women. Completely body-hugging dresses are a must-try. Moreover, always try evening gowns with flared prompts and loose skirts. The attention-grabbing pear-shaped body can form focus on a formal look.

So, select some tops that draw attention to the top instead of the bottom of the body. A-line style dresses with some off-shoulder bodices also look best on pear-shaped bodies. 

  • Petite Body Type

The petite body type women have short upper halves and short, slim stature. If you have this body type, try to choose some beautiful dresses in block-style patterns.

The petite body type women look stunners in single-tone prom dresses because they give a symmetrical effect without breaking into segments.

The prom dresses draw attention to the elongated length of the gown. Some dresses with a broad belt waist also look perfect for a petite body. This gives an illusion of height and long legs.

Try some shorter-length dresses or gown up to knee lengths for a semi-formal occasion. 

  • Slender Body Type

Women with slender bodies have square shoulders, rectangular body frames, and broad mid-section. You can easily try some dresses that flaunt your body curve.

The beaded prom dresses add gentle curves, and you can also choose some designer outfits that subtly cover the bust and hug hips. Choose dresses with flared tails and narrow waists.

For instance, the mermaid gowns with on side shoulder design and sweetheart neckline provide femininity and curves to the figure.

You can also pair these style dresses with trumpet-style skirts. Avoid wearing column dresses as they may create a slender effect. 

 Choose the volumizing or texture-based dresses when shopping for the party gown. You can try some ball gown skirts and inch empire slim waists to create an effect of an hourglass body. 


When selecting the party gown, women want something that makes them style a diva. Of course, every woman wants to stand out from the crowd, but choosing the best party-wear gown that makes her flaunt perfectly is daunting.

With this in mind, we have listed some styling tips according to your body type. Experiment with designs and styles that reflect your personality and make you feel confident.